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Mission Statement: 

AFA advocates and provides opportunities for education, resources and mentoring to ensure the successful longevity of the Arizona Fair industry.

Vision Statement: 

Arizona Fairs Association creates dependable and relevant platforms that empower the Arizona Fair industry to remain successful and thrive.

Purpose Statement: 

AFA exists to provide its members advocacy, meaningful connection, professional development, and a sense of united purpose.

The Arizona Fairs Association (AFA) is dedicated to the advancement of the fair industry. Here at the official website of the Arizona Fairs Association, you can learn more about our members, associate members, upcoming events, fair dates, or how to become a member and help support the association.

The AFA is a voluntary, not-for-profit corporation, serving Arizona, and Arizona county agricultural fairs, shows, exhibitions, and expositions. AFA’s associate members include non-agricultural expositions and festivals, associations, corporations, and individuals engaged in providing products and services to our member fairs—all of whom contribute to the success of our events.

Arizona Fairs Association History

AFA was formed in 1977 with 22 member fairs—the first convention was held in 1978. Today, our organization represents 20 fairs from around the great state of Arizona, and dozens of associate members from allied fields. AFA continues to further and promote its charter goal of developing and improving agricultural fairs, shows, and expositions.

What is a fair?

A fair is a competitive exhibition (for example, farm products), which is typically accompanied by supporting entertainment and amusement activities, such as dances, performers, food vendors, carnivals, rodeos, and the like. The primary difference between a fair and a festival or carnival are the numerous competitions involving farm animals or produce.

Arizona Fairs Association Governing Board

The Arizona Fairs Association is governed by a board of directors consisting of 12 elected members and the president who is selected by the board. The directors include a chair, two immediate past chairs, two vice chairs, a treasurer, and directors chosen at large from associate members.

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